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Hutchison-t audio visual are particularly thrilled to have recently become an Amina Technologies Ltd. Professional Installer.

Amina® invisible speakers are popular in high end aesthetically sensitive commercial applications such as hotels, restaurants and fashion retail and are fast becoming the speaker of choice for installations that call for ambient sound throughout a facility without impacting the interior design.

The Invisible series of Distributed Mode Loudspeakers (DML) work on the same acoustic principles as a natural instrument, transmitting sound via vibrations which are amplified on a soundboard and distributed through the surrounding air. Amina’s DML panels mimic this effect and can be installed flat behind a plasterboard ceiling or wall, providing a completely concealed audio solution which won’t interfere with sleek or complex interior designs.

From concept to final installation Hutchison-t and Amina® work closely together, demonstrating the technology, specifying the right solution and carrying out a skilled installation.

As a specialist installer Hutchison-t audio visual is committed to ensuring that this unique and powerful product is supported by the excellence of the associated installation.

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