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Celebrating 20 years of Hutchison-t

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Hutchison-t celebrates 20 years of business this year. Founded in 1997 as Hutchison Technologies Ltd, the business originally specialised in telecommunications installation and maintenance and had been trading successfully as Link Communications since 1991.

The incorporation of Hutchison Technologies was part of a conscious move to diversify into new and emerging technology fields at the height of the 90s tech boom. Sensing an opportunity in the simultaneous upsurge of interest in private health and fitness, founders Bruce and Mark Hutchison expanded their telecoms operations into audio visual, data infrastructure, networking, and access control, becoming a one-stop tech partner to a growing list of national fitness and leisure clients busy expanding their own estates.

Since the turn of the millennium, Hutchison-t have continued their commitment to technology innovation and consistently renewed their pledge to invest in customer service.  Their 20th year sees the company established in retail, hospitality, corporate, and security sectors, and preparing to move to new premises to accommodate operations and enhance the customer experience. Hutchison International – the Research, Development and Manufacturing arm of the company founded in 2007 – continues to thrive from its offices in China, where 13 fulltime staff are employed; and a series of joint ventures and new contracts have seen further diversification into energy efficiency technology and the manufacture of products for a global medical powerhouse.

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