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Important Information for Radio Mic users

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Are you prepared for the upcoming UHF Channel changes to be implemented by Ofcom and how these will affect the Wireless Mic Equipment Set Up at your club?

If you are currently using a Wireless Mic System pre-set for use on Channel 69 you will be affected in some way by the DSO (Digital Switch Over) whereby Channels 61 to 69 will no longer be used for TV/ Radio broadcast. The Channel 61 to 69 ranges are being cleared for next-generation 4G mobile broadband services.

Most of your existing Radio Mic systems will utilize Channels 69 or 70. If you currently use a Wireless Audio System as part of your Gym Equipment Entertainment System (Cardio Theater™, Audeon Rx6 & Rx7 etc) this will utilize Channel 70 only therefore your Mic Systems will most likely be set to operate on Channel 69 to avoid interference.

The frequencies on Channel 69 will be used by the mobile operators after January 2013 and it will be illegal to continue to use this channel for Radio Mic’s after that date. Ofcom (the independent regulator for UK communications) has officially announced that Channel 38 will be the replacement for Channel 69. Unlike the licence free Channels 69 and 70, Channel 38 requires the user to hold a License to legally operate radio equipment on Channel 38 within the UK. Only one Licence per Operator is required there is no need to purchase a licence for each individual Club, one centrally held Licence is sufficient.

So in summary you need to ensure all your Radio Mic equipment is operating on UHF Channel 38 or 70, or that you have VHF equipment that’s not affected by this change. If you do need to use UHF Channel 38 equipment then your Head Office needs to hold a Channel 38 Licence.

What Now?

Options to ensure full compliancy for the DSO:

 Retune Existing Equipment & Utilize License Free Channel 70 (if possible) – A Hutchison-t engineer can attend site to retune your existing Wireless Entertainment System and Mic Equipment to the License Free Channel 70.
• Replace your existing Wireless Mic Equipment with a Channel 38 compliant Unit - Hutchison-t can supply a full range of Channel 38 compliant equipment.

Our Technical Support Team are on hand to guide you through the Switchover or Retune process quickly and efficiently. Contact a member of our Technical Support Team on 0333 240 7369 or

Please Note:
If you do not utilize any of the aforementioned Wireless Entertainment Systems a simple Wireless Mic System retune to License Free Channel 70 is all that will be required. Likewise, if your club uses VHF Wireless Mic Systems then no further action will be required.

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