• Pro cycling studio LED & audio

    5 things we love about Gymbox Cannon Street

Pro-AV for London’s latest “Anti-Gym”

It’s been over ten years since Hutchison-t teamed up with original boutique fitness operator GYMBOX, sparking an exceptional partnership that’s seen us deliver countless creative and tech-forward solutions for London’s most distinctive fitness experience brand.   

Our most recent challenge was Cannon Street – the latest in an eclectic line-up of unique subterranean spaces kitted out in Gymbox’s trademark raw and edgy style. So what’s the buzz on the latest Gymbox, and what kind of pro-AV has the most rebellious chain in fitness chosen for its brand new club? Read on to find out the five things we love about Gymbox Cannon Street.

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Pro cycling studio LED & audio

#1 Automated Background Music

Fitness clubs are different audio environments at different times of the day. More physical bodies during peak hours equals greater sound absorption, and more pounding treadmills and punchbags equals greater ambient noise. Nobody wants drowned out sound or underwhelming beats, so we developed a custom automated background music system that adjusts its output level according to gym zone and time of day. With four pre-set volume and audio formats programmed by our sound technicians, the club’s audio transitions itself smoothly and imperceptibly throughout the day for perfectly adapted sound that keeps Gymbox banging night and day.

At the heart of the system - a Bose® ControlSpace® ESP processer and Gymbox brand-standard Bose® FreeSpace® DS Loudspeakers in all key member-facing locations. Meanwhile, a network of iPads loaded with bespoke, branded Gymbox control software gives staff tiered, password-controlled access to audio controls and messaging throughout the club. 

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#2 Classes in the Functional Training Zone

Nothing demonstrates the power of Cannon Street's automated BGM better than the Functional Training Zone. This zone is part of the main gym floor but can be used as popup studio space with its own foreground music, Bluetooth input and instructor mic. A single pin code override on the zone iPad lets instructors switch from automated background music and paging announcements to complete local control of the zone audio, allowing them to run uninterrupted breakaway classes with their own GroupX playlists. When it’s all over, simply locking the iPad will switch the system smoothly back to standard BGM.

#3 Gymbox’s iconic DJ Booths

We hooked Cannon Street up with a DJ kit that feeds directly into the main background music system, making it incredibly easy to switch between automated programming and thumping freestyle DJ sets using the simple, password-protected iPad mounted in the booth. Once DJ mode is enabled, carefully positioned ceiling-mounted Bose® Panaray subwoofers automatically kick in, providing immense, club-worthy bass augmentation for resident DJ sets, evening classes and party nights, helping a new breed of exercise-reveller discover the motivating euphoria of a club-inspired workout.

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#4 To boldly glow

Cannon Street took us up on a studio design that included an astronomical fifty-nine individual lighting fixtures. Made up of twenty-eight coloured spotlights, twenty UV par-cans, and eleven strobe-effect LEDs, this super-versatile system can be programmed in a multitude of configurations designed specifically for GroupX, making it ideal for a multi-purpose studio that hosts classes as diverse as aerial harness fitness and endurance training set to classic rap.

We also recessed a large digital display into a mirrored wall edge-lit with DMX-controlled LED lighting, for a functional, fun, and dramatic response to the practical need for a studio countdown timer. And rounding off the experience to a T, we used exercise-safe water-based hazers for a light-diffusing smoke-effect, making it even easier for class-goers chasing the “exerhigh” to channel their inner clubber. The verdict? Gymbox’s long-time interior architect Patrick McKinney recently cited this studio as his favourite feature of the club - high praise from the man responsible for Gymbox’s unique brand interior design and signature style.

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#5 Competing by colour in the cycle studio

For this dynamic studio we used digital RGBW LED strips mounted up the rear wall and across the ceiling to the mirrored wall at the front of the studio, extending the light into the “distance” and creating the illusion of cycling forward. We also integrated ICG's Coach By Colour® & ICG Connect®, providing instructors with AV and lighting control from an iPad mounted on the instructor podium. Our simple, Gymbox-branded interface lets instructors drop a recessed electric projector screen to display live team data feeds, and to match studio lighting to ICG colour coaching zones for the ultimate goal-oriented group cycling experience.

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We packed Gymbox Cannon Street with so many amazing custom AV elements it was difficult to single out our top five. With their pioneering attitude to evolving their audio and a continued love of bold, playful colours and lighting, Gymbox’s tech-adventurous spirit made this one of our favourite projects to date.

Gymbox Cannon Street is open for you to visit now, but if you can't wait to see it in person, check out their awesome Insta video club walk-through here, where you’ll see some of our pro tech in action!