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Energise. Individualize.    Retain.

In a mature but ever evolving market, health and fitness operators know that providing a bespoke and personalised member experience can set their brand apart. If you want to improve member engagement and retention, it’s worth taking a look at current trends and the operators who are already leveraging them well.   

For starters, it's the age of digital enlightenment, and agile specialist boutiques have been particularly quick to learn that their fitness experiences can be authenticated and individualized by being digitally enhanced. This means that what they lack in terms of the equipment and services you’d expect from a traditional gym, they make up for with focused and fun technical workouts fueled by inspirational instructors, motivational lighting, pro audio, and interactive tech. With the success of this model reflected in physical results, class numbers, and revenue (according to IHRSA’s Health Club Consumer Report 2017, US boutique studios saw a 15% increase in membership from 2015, whereas traditional clubs saw a 3% decline in the same period), it’s perhaps time for conventional facilities to reevaluate their offerings to meet the current demand.

If you want to engage your members’ senses, loyalties, and goals, Hutchison-t’s technical and creative teams can design and install a comprehensive audio-visual solution for experiences with soul driven by the latest technology innovations.

Visual Vibes

Whether you want to interact, inform, energise or inspire, the evolution of visual technology has made effective visual consumer engagement more accessible (and necessary) than ever. The right installation will enhance and define your member experience, and we have the technical and design expertise to integrate everything you need, including:

  • Immersive projection technology
  • Virtual fitness solutions
  • Wireless cardio theatre systems
  • Apps and NFC
  • Video walls, large and small LCD screens, and versatile projection surfaces
  • Digital signage and interactive digital noticeboards
  • Tablet AV control solutions
  • Automation technology
  • Digital TV, SKY TV, and IPTV

Illuminate to Motivate

Phenomenal advances in light technology and control solutions have brought specialised feature and effect lighting to the fore. Hutchison-t can design and install a lighting feature for any purpose or space, and we can also provide some seriously convenient control technology for maximum creative and operational ease. With the power to sync lighting to music and video content, clubs can create versatile, arena-worthy displays for their customers that unify the member audio visual experience and reinforce their brand.

Audio Inspiration

Our customised audio solutions are designed with your venue’s dimensions and acoustic dynamics in mind. Whether it’s big, bold studio sound with clear mid-hi notes and even bigger and bolder bass beats, or discreet “invisible” systems that blend with their surroundings without compromising on quality and range, Hutchison-t can specify, design and install the right solution for your brand values, usage, and space.

Style and substance

Regardless of your price point or brand, unreliable equipment will undermine the member experience and demotivate your staff. Each of our custom systems is designed to meet your specific needs, using robust, commercial grade equipment that’s built to last. And if we specify equipment from other suppliers, we can guarantee that it’s been systematically tested and certified by engineers in our in-house workshops.

In the unlikely event that you encounter a problem, we have an On-Demand customer service Helpdesk offering technical support, as well as a fleet of vehicles and team of engineers stationed around the UK for a speedy response to call-outs.

It’s all part of our unrelenting commitment to customer service before, during, and after each and every project.

Fashion Retailer, Stratford

As a sub brand of a fast-fashion international chain, the vision of a gallery-like space housing high-end, high-quality clothing, couldn't be further from the high street.

Fashion Retailer, Stratford

As a sub brand of a fast-fashion international chain, the vision of a gallery-like space housing high-end, high-quality clothing, couldn't be further from the high street.

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