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A simpler, smarter way to live

We develop connected home products that help people monitor and optimise energy use in their home. Householders can use mobile apps, websites and display devices to see their energy usage. Designed as part of the Great Britain Smart Energy initiative, our products help people make smarter decisions that can lead to real savings.

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Empowering lifestyles

Our smart energy and connected home solutions are used by -

  • 'Big Six' utilities
  • Small energy suppliers
  • Meter asset providers
  • Property developers
  • Housing associations

Householders budgets have never been more stretched. They’re regularly making compromises about how they spend their money. Giving them real time visibility of their energy consumption helps give them a greater perspective of the costs for running their home. Giving them this new knowledge helps them make smarter choices that can lead to substantial savings, or for some people, the technology is less about savings and more about convenience.

Whatever drives the change in behaviour, one thing is clear, if we consume less energy, we protect our environment. Which has to be a good thing for everyone.

Discover our range

Our smart energy displays and smart home control products work together seamlessly to create a complete smart home management solution.

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    In-Home Displays

    Our intuitive, full-colour handheld devices provide real-time & historical energy usage information, including dual-fuel visibility and pricing data.

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    Consumer access devices

    Our centralised digital platforms combine smart energy monitoring and the ability to control & interact with smart-enabled domestic appliances.

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    App development

    Easy access to energy information and appliance controls from any smart device via an interactive branded app.

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    Smart accessories

    Dongles and range-extending plug-ins give users access to energy information and appliance controls whether their in home or on the move.

Complete service

Our ‘total product development’ approach means we take a product from concept and design through to manufacturing, packaging, and final delivery. We’re ISO accredited which guarantees that every stage of our process meets the highest international quality standards. This includes security, continuity of supply and environmental responsibility.

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    Design licensing

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    Software development

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    Firmware development

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Leading the way

Our products use the latest IOT multi-band communication protocols and standards including Zigbee Smart Energy – the Great Britain standards in smart meter connectivity.

Our full lifecycle management and support program ensures our products are continually developed. This means we remain at the forefront of technology and are compliant with the latest standards and specifications for Smart Energy.

We provide product development, customisation and manufacturing services to:

  • Energy Retailers
  • Social Housing Providers
  • Smart Energy Companies

For more information, visit our dedicated website for In Home Displays.

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Connections that matter

We’re using the next generation of smart home technologies to change people’s lives for the better. We’re moving towards an integrated world where the 'Internet of Things' has moved to an exciting new phase. We’re committed to giving consumers the tools to create their own smart ecosystems which they can navigate with ease.

In our business partnerships, we work flexibly and transparently so that our solutions benefit everyone. Our Research and Development team, keep their eyes fixed on the horizon so they can explore new ways of promoting the goal of a simpler, more connected world.

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