Automation & Control

Control is key

Hutchison-t’s revolutionary Auto-AV and Control-AV technology is transforming the way health and fitness studios across Europe deliver their fitness experience. Designed for an industry in revolt against repetitive routines and even more tedious tech, our proprietary automation and control solutions have redefined functionality and radicalised control, breathing new artistic life into Virtual and GroupX experiences while maximising club facilities, revenue, instructor talent, and time. 

If you come to us from an industry other than fitness, don’t forget - the fitness sector may have been quick off the mark when it comes to auto-control, but there are endless opportunities in retail, hospitality, and entertainment to restructure and revive your AV capabilities using the same incredible tech.

Control the flow

The most authentic audio visual experiences don’t just “happen”, but AV specialists make it look like they do. Hutchison-t’s Control-AV solutions have been developed with this in mind. We wanted to give fitness operators practical access to effective on-brand audio visual experiences so effortless and authentic that they feel like professional design.

Control-AV consolidates control of all in-class audio visual technology through one of our proprietary centralised hubs – a small piece of equipment that acts as a go-between between the instructor and studio tech. The auto-control box translates diverse and complex AV signals into much simpler and more manageable commands, giving instructors total but vastly simplified access to the entire audio visual arrangement.

Controlled via an intuitive, easy-access iPad interface, instructors are free to design and adjust all aspects of the live in-class audio visual experience, from music and lighting sequences to video content, projectors and screens. With such dynamic access, spectacular and bespoke “performances” can be created in every single session, letting you get the very best from your AV, instructors, and every member of the class.

Maximise your virtual capabilities

See the logic of the virtual studio through to its natural conclusion by putting technology in charge. As an elegant solution to undersubscribed off-peak classes or eleventh hour instructor absence, our pioneering Auto-AV technology lets you schedule and deliver instructorless virtual classes with full audio visual arrangements and no need for manual intervention. All hardware prescribed – from projectors and screens to lighting and speakers – can be programmed to activate their predesigned sequences at predesignated times, as many times a day as you want.

Featuring captivating lights, pumping audio, and the most up-to-date virtual video content, you can wow your members and drive class attendance and revenue with the ultimate timetabling tool. Pair our proprietary hardware with the next generation of scheduling software and playback technology and your studio will buzz night and day. FitboxVirtual®ICG® Connect & Myride® VX, Stages Flight, Fitness on Demand™ and Wexer Virtual® are just some of the world-class content platforms that we work with on a regular basis.

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