Background & Foreground Pro Audio

Sculpting sound to your space

From discreet background music in leisure facilities and retail outlets to high-intensity foreground GroupX beats – Hutchison-t understands that every audio application must overcome its own unique set of audio and acoustic challenges in the quest for pitch-perfect sound, which is why we design and install smart and integrated audio solutions tailored to your specific operational and venue needs.

Don’t be let down by your background sound

Understanding the different audio and acoustic criteria that regulate quality background and foreground sound should be the starting point of every audio installation. For background music and other distributed sound applications, it’s important to design a reliable and controllable system with wide and equal audio coverage, especially in public and commercial environments where you need to guarantee that safety announcements will be heard.

Likewise, if you want to provide a consistent and enjoyable customer experience, your ambient music needs to be intelligently designed and equally ambient for all. High-end retailers can enhance their brand identity and reinforce the luxury ethos using the right pro audio solution, with individually controllable audio zones that let you tailor instore music by department while positively influencing your customers’ perception of your products. In restaurant, bar and lounge areas, creating extra sound coverage, or providing more precise sound masking, will give your customers discretion at their tables without drowning conversation out.

Bringing it to the fore

If loud foreground music is the main event, or at least part of it, you need to think carefully about the acoustics of the space – both inside and in adjoining areas or premises that might be affected by residual noise. Likewise, the positioning of speakers should also be taken into account – a precision-positioned set of smaller speakers will produce a more balanced and refined sound than fewer, larger all-encompassing cabinets. Lastly, and importantly, audio system electronics also play a fundamental role in every truly comprehensive audio solution, from precisely calibrated amplification to a carefully specified, quality Digital Signal Processer, meticulously installed and configured using a reference microphone and the keen ear of one of our audio specialists.

For a more detailed discussion of the in-and-outs of acoustics and Hutchison-t’s specialist advice on suitable acoustic treatments and best practice, take a look at our dedicated Acoustic Treatment page. For more information on the benefits of our behind-the-scenes foreground audio technology solutions, our GroupX Pro Audio page is a fantastic place to start.

The pro partner players

As certified pro partners to Bose® Professional, Amina® Technologies, and Martin Audio, Hutchison-t also have access to the very latest and greatest in premium audio technology, with many exclusive products only made available to authorised dealers and installers who demonstrate the highest degree of audio and sound expertise. Our thriving partnerships are attested by the sheer volume of projects we’ve carried out, with Bose Pro a consistently popular choice in exclusive applications that need beautifully clear and detailed sound; Amina Technologies’ groundbreaking, unmatched Invisible Speaker technology the number one choice for high-end, aesthetically sensitive projects that won’t compromise on quality of sound; and Martin Audio gathering an ever-increasing band of devotees among pro-audio enthusiasts and sound-savvy operators who understand exceptional sound.

Hutchison-t regularly design and deliver end-to-end pro audio solutions that satisfy and exceed even the most demanding audio experience briefs. With principles of technical, functional, and aesthetic excellence driving each of our bespoke designs, you can be sure of sound sculpted precisely to your space with a solution from Hutchison-t.

Gold-standard AV for Olympic Velodrome's VeloStudio

The VeloStudio is a gold-standard, dual-purpose fitness space furnished with the Wattbike and MyRide® cycling applications.

Gold-standard AV for Olympic Velodrome's VeloStudio

The VeloStudio is a gold-standard, dual-purpose fitness space furnished with the Wattbike and MyRide® cycling applications.

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