Brand Music

Playing to your brand’s appeal.

Quality of sound is vital, but what about the music you play? Even if your sound system delivers great quality audio from a technical point of view, a lacklustre playlist will undermine your brand and leave customers unenthused with the experience as a whole. In an age of ferocious brand loyalty, nobody can afford a confused image that doesn’t represent their brand values, so get it right, play it loud, and get your customers on board.

Hutchison-t can work with you to develop content that reflects who you are and exactly how you want to be seen. We’ll get to know your brand values and the customer-base you want to attract, and help you to define a music profile that will resonate with your clients.

Custom playlists

With access to dozens of music channels and an extensive collection of major label and rights-inclusive music, we can compile as many playlists as experiences you want to create.

Multiple venues? Roll out the same content across all sites or have us adapt your playlists to suit national or regional tastes. Keep the customer experience current with regular online updates collated by Hutchison-t.

Bespoke messaging

An as-live radio station with tactical promotions between tracks is a direct and immediate way to communicate with your customers. Use branded out-of-hours communications for continuity and professionalism.

Hutchison-t offer custom, easy-to-operate systems for bespoke on-brand messaging, giving you complete control over the scheduling and content of all of your promotions. Continuous training communications are provided to keep your staff up to speed and operations running without a glitch

Instructor Music Portal

Give a progressive instructor an inch of freedom and they’ll get you a mile of results. The Instructor Music Portal lets instructors with an independent streak and an ear for the beat flex their creative muscle by designing playlists of their own – the sort they’ll be able to motivate their classes with better than anyone else.

Using a simple online portal, instructors access a library of approved, brand-compliant tracks that are tagged by BPM, letting them get stuck into the creative stuff safe in the knowledge that every song will be the right intensity for the class. Completed tracklists are downloaded ready for the session, stored on a studio hard drive, and accessed in-class via an iPad user app with its own secure connection, so streaming issues will never interrupt the flow of a session already underway.

With full control over the class dynamic and a creative stake in its success, the Instructor Music Portal lets instructors develop their own identity in a way that benefits class and brand. 

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