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WiFi and smartphone technologies like mobile apps and NFC have changed the service landscape for good, so if you want to connect with your customers, you need to connect with their phones. This is great news for businesses that want to leverage new technology, since it opens up channels of personal communication and can deliver the elusive “intimate factor” that can be so hard to get right.

The Friend Connection

Help members forge an individual relationship with your brand by personalising their listening experience. Unlike the fading breed of cardio entertainment systems that rely on fixed audio receivers, wireless in-venue audio lets gym members connect to club TV and radio channels with their own Apple or Android devices. Using downloadable audio apps or an online portal, members control the audio channel they want to hear as they move throughout the club. No jacks, no hassle. Just one seamless, dynamic listening experience from the moment they arrive.

No dedicated studio spaces? No problem. If noise levels are causing issues or your floor-space is open plan, use a wireless audio portal in GroupX and Virtual slots. Play class music and instructor audio “silently” through people’s phones, and you can create discrete and controllable GroupX zones in whatever space you have.

The benefits of branding

Give your audio experience some visual backup with a customised brand app interface. Use logos, club shots, and personalised information to create an extra layer of customer engagement, or create a dedicated brand channel to keep customers up-to-date with promotional offers and ads.

Smart technology is key to a more integrated fitness experience, but using wireless connectivity to boost your branding has application far beyond the gym. Sports bars, cafés, museums and airports who want to engage users and drive revenue can all benefit from an in-venue audio system connecting you directly to your customers.

It’s simple: stream any audio, to any smartphone, for any reason, and your brand engagement is going to grow.  

Cardio Theater® Platinum Dealer

We’re still an authorized Cardio Theater® Platinum Dealer, so help is always at hand if you prefer to keep using a more traditional Cardio Theater® style system with fixed audio receivers.

Our expert team can design, supply, install or support a wireless audio solution that lets your members plug their headphones into an existing Cardio Theater® wireless receiver. Support is even available for discontinued systems such as Audeon and Cloud.

DLC, Immersive Fitness

David Lloyd Raynes Park's state-of-the art Les Mills IMMERSIVE FITNESS™ installation is a UK exclusive.

DLC, Immersive Fitness

David Lloyd Raynes Park's state-of-the art Les Mills IMMERSIVE FITNESS™ installation is a UK exclusive.

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