GroupX Pro Audio

Working as hard in the studio as you

When it comes to great GroupX audio, we know that customer-facing details like a great quality sound and instructor voice clarity are what your members notice first, but discerning operators are getting wise to fact that the best studio sound is about so much more than volume, unbridled bass, or the flashiest audio brands. That’s why we specify and deliver a heap of backend stuff as standard, and that’s what makes hutchison-t the very best at engineering intelligent group exercise audio experiences.

Speak up

GroupX is all about localised foreground sound, but two giant speakers blasting into the studio won’t cut it if you want your carefully curated music content to be fully intelligible to the class. Our technical team can assess your room and design an audio system made up of multiple smaller speakers precision positioned for full and balanced audio coverage of the entire studio space. Hutchison-t are certified pro-installation partners to Bose, Martin Audio, and Shure QSC, but we can also design solutions using less expensive brands that still pack an audio punch.

Let’s get physical

Meticulous physical design is the bedrock of amazing studio audio, both out front and behind the scenes. At Hutchison-t, we tailor every aspect of our audio installs for the most faithful sound reproduction possible in any studio space. This means high-fidelity audio, deep bass beats, and superb instructor vocal clarity delivered via electronic equipment precisely calibrated to match your studio’s audio and acoustic needs. Integrated into a custom-built, highly functional AV rack, these include:

  • Multiple audio sources – everything from MP3 to the Instructor Music Portal
  • A digital wireless microphone system for exceptional audio clarity – robust and reliable with lithium-ion battery rechargeability
  • A locked-out amp with protective facing – settings can’t be tampered with once they’ve been optimised by our audio engineers
  • A secure limiter and digital loudspeaker management system – maximum volume settings that nobody can override 
  • A best-in-class mixer and equalizer – for centralised control and tailored, studio-specific sound enhancement

Localised sound, local control

With the development of our proprietary automation and control technology, we’ve evolved the AV rack out of the studio and given you an iPad instead. The rack still matters as the central AV tech hub, but there’s no longer any need for it to be in the studio or for your instructors to fiddle with dials. Our control technology consolidates multiple complex AV commands into a simple and intuitive form that instructors can access using a graphic user interface, and the same advanced technology lets you pre-programme Virtual and GroupX classes so the AV starts on its own.

With functionality and aesthetics at the heart of everything we do, Hutchison-t are constantly finding ways to optimise your audio entertainment. Taken together, our speaker solutions, advanced AV rack design, and automation and control technology, are the latest and greatest iteration of the intelligent pro-audio GroupX experience.

DLC, Immersive Fitness

David Lloyd Raynes Park's state-of-the art Les Mills IMMERSIVE FITNESS™ installation is a UK exclusive.

DLC, Immersive Fitness

David Lloyd Raynes Park's state-of-the art Les Mills IMMERSIVE FITNESS™ installation is a UK exclusive.

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