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We work with clients in a number of sectors to bring their experience visions to life. Our first-rate tech development and deployment, creative design, and technical expertise mean effective audio visual solutions that deliver functionality and finesse tailored to your specific needs.

Health & Fitness

In a mature but ever evolving market, health and fitness operators know that providing a bespoke and personalised member experience can set their brand apart. If you want to improve member engagement and retention, it’s worth taking a look at current trends and the operators who are already leveraging them well.   

For starters,...


From fitness, racquets and swimming, to café bar, nursery and spa – today’s leisure facilities have to devise and deliver a range of services and experiences to a diverse range of people, so it’s crucial that each zone in a facility is differentiated without diluting the brand identity. At the opposite end of the spectrum,...


The proliferation and influence of online review sites mean it’s never been more important for hoteliers, restaurateurs, and others in the hospitality industry to take control of their customer relations and reputation by providing an exceptional experience to their clients. Likewise, with 39% of travellers regularly visiting the same city...


In light of the online shopping juggernaut and a growing body of tech-savvy young startup competitors, it’s never been more important for high street retailers to leverage new technology and get to grips with experiential trends.

High street retailers who turn their outlet into a destination are fighting the backlash from the e-tailer...


Collaborate with colleagues, clients and partners around the world via video conference. Share time-sensitive information in an instant. Train, develop and motivate staff. No matter how demanding or diverse your audio visual needs, our advanced solutions are up to the task.

Boardrooms, receptions, meeting rooms, contact & response centres, and...

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