Out of the ordinary

The proliferation and influence of online review sites mean it’s never been more important for hoteliers, restaurateurs, and others in the hospitality industry to take control of their customer relations and reputation by providing an exceptional experience to their clients. Likewise, with 39% of travellers regularly visiting the same city – yes, many of your guests at any given time are likely to be back in town soon – providing a guest experience that's relevant, unique and consistent will reel the repeat visitors back in.

That’s a considerable chunk of potential repeat revenue just waiting for operators to leverage loyalty from their guests. What’s more, if this can be achieved, the conventional barrier of price-point begins to fall away. As customers form an emotional, personal relationship with your brand and the experience you provide, they become willing to pay over their usual odds for a piece of it whenever the opportunity appears.

A custom audio, visual, and lighting solution from Hutchison-t will help you elevate your customer experience from the realm of the ordinary to new and extraordinary heights. Hutchison-t can help you anticipate your guests’ functional needs as well as the niche opportunities waiting to be exploited that will set your experience apart.

The art of ambience

Add atmosphere to large communal areas like lobbies and lounges by encouraging guests to congregate and use the space. An ultra-modern LED large display screen or super-slim video wall is a great medium for information or entertainment and creates a stylish focal point as well. In restaurants and bars, a pro audio solution with carefully positioned speakers will set the perfect ambient musical tone for your guests, or you can get equipped for an in-house DJ for weekends and special events. Our acoustic specialists can also assess and treat your spaces to make sure that nobody is disturbed.

Furnish guest rooms with discreet in-ceiling speakers so the music moves with them as they move throughout the suite. With a range of control options including sleek in-wall controls, iPod docks, or wireless connectivity, guests can tailor the ambience of the room directly to their mood. In fact, as long as you provide a WiFi connection, the provision of IPTV services will give your guests unlimited choice and complete control of their in-room television as well, not to mention a range of functional extras such as booking management capabilities.

If you provide corporate facilities, our interactive technology and video conferencing solutions will enable intensely collaborative meetings with contributors from all over the globe. And from a local perspective, a well-designed, custom feature light installation in a stairway or lobby will make sure your restaurant, hotel or venue stands out from everything else in the street.

Industry insight

Hotel, restaurant, conference centre or bar – tell us your brand identity and we’ll create a fantastic audio visual solution to match. With some amazingly inventive technology-driven experiences already created for clients such as ABode Hotels, Hilton Hotels, MacDonald Hotels, and a range of independent boutiques, we have the industry knowledge and technical and creative expertise to design an experience that will keep your clientele coming back.

Pro AV for luxury Amida Spas

Amida Spa is a luxurious leisure experience available exclusively at Harbour Clubs and selected David Lloyd Clubs.

Pro AV for luxury Amida Spas

Amida Spa is a luxurious leisure experience available exclusively at Harbour Clubs and selected David Lloyd Clubs.

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