All things to all people

From fitness, racquets and swimming, to café bar, nursery and spa – today’s leisure facilities have to devise and deliver a range of services and experiences to a diverse range of people, so it’s crucial that each zone in a facility is differentiated without diluting the brand identity. At the opposite end of the spectrum, standalone leisure outlets strive to differentiate themselves from surrounding commercial units. For example, eateries on the high street or in airports and shopping centres are under constant pressure to elevate themselves above neighbours and competitors offering comparable products and services to a similar clientele.

Likewise, a new generation of extreme leisure providers are posing a unique set of AV challenges. Think of adventure centres, trampoline parks, climbing walls and skate parks that are typically housed in hangar-style venues with poor acoustics and lots of environmental noise.

Whatever the opportunity, Hutchison-t are experts in audio visual ambience, difficult acoustics, and defining a brand through its space. We can seamlessly integrate a host of tailored AV solutions, and with the explosion of mobile technologies, give you customer choice as well.

Audio atmosphere

Our creative and technical audio system design can handle any background, foreground, combination, and multi-zone audio requirements, and we can also help you curate and update your branded soundtracks online so every month’s music is fresh. Everything from high energy motivational music on the gym floor, serene sounds in the spa, and weekend vibes in the bar, to thrill-seeker beats in echoey extreme sports adventure parks using precision positioned speakers and specialist acoustic design so the music is punchy and rich.

With a custom paging system integrated into the design, all venues can keep their customers up-to-date with rolling pre-recorded communications scheduled for specific zones and times, or with live spot announcements to speak to everybody direct. In climbing centres and for other adventure sports, what about a wireless tour guide system so instructors can help visitors learn, have fun and stay safe without hampering the extreme experience?

Diversify your display

Visual creatures need visual cues. Use point-of-sale digital signage to draw attention to promotions and special offers, or use interactive digital noticeboards throughout your venue so members can catch up on your latest news. And with large viewing screens and ultra-thin 3D LED displays, who wants to watch the sports results in their living room when they can catch up with lunch in the lounge?

Custom solutions, customer control

Let us customize the AV for your venue and let your members customize the experience themselves. Wireless, NFC, Bluetooth, and apps, mean it’s never been easier to personalize a leisure experience by letting visitors connect with their phones. That way they get the venue TV and radio content they want to hear as they roam throughout the facility.

Carefully considered, designed and delivered

No matter where your leisure venue sits in the market, our technical and creative design teams take the time to understand your venue, branding, budget, and needs, and with hundreds of bespoke installations completed in the UK and abroad, we can guarantee an audio visual solution that hits your member experience goals.

DLC, Immersive Fitness

David Lloyd Raynes Park's state-of-the art Les Mills IMMERSIVE FITNESS™ installation is a UK exclusive.

DLC, Immersive Fitness

David Lloyd Raynes Park's state-of-the art Les Mills IMMERSIVE FITNESS™ installation is a UK exclusive.

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