Retail versus e-tail

In light of the online shopping juggernaut and a growing body of tech-savvy young startup competitors, it’s never been more important for high street retailers to leverage new technology and get to grips with experiential trends.

High street retailers who turn their outlet into a destination are fighting the backlash from the e-tailer boom better than anyone else, so think like an Oxford Street flagship and make your four walls start working for you. New technologies are an exciting way to do this, but if you want your assault on retail/tech territory to translate into foot traffic and sales, it has to be right for the consumer and something they actually want to see. In today’s retail environment, that’s easier said than done: fashions change, relevancy shifts, and customer expectations are evolving at a digital rather than physical pace.

If you want a high-octane overhaul of your customer experience or to reposition your brand, Hutchison-t’s unique combination of technical know-how, technology innovation, and creative design expertise, can give you the audio visual means to create versatile, personalised, and branded in-store customer experiences that satisfy the relentlessly discerning demands of the “digitally-minded” consumer.

The editorial edge

Get a virtual catwalk up on screen and bring the Fashion Week experience to you. There are heaps of commercial applications for advanced video wall technology, and increasing access to non-standard formats is making waves in industries that value creative flair. A single video feed can be diffused across multiple screens to create fantastic scatter wall effects, and advanced hardware and software can be used to rotate a video feed display for screens set in angular patterns or mosaics. For straightforward impact and scale, LED projectors can create stunning displays with crystal clear clarity regardless of your shop’s ambient light.

If it’s an urban vibe you’re after, have the club experience in-house with a resident DJ for in-store special events or a signature regular set. A well-curated, on-brand tracklist and quality bespoke audio installation will electrify your customer experience and really distil what you’re about. If your interiors are restrictive or you'd like a clean and minimalist look, we can even design and install a speaker solution that sits invisibly behind ceilings and walls; and if you want to distinguish zones or departments, we can give you precision targeted sound and complete intuitive control.

Point-of-sale digital signage, interactive screens, branded in-store radio and announcements, and advanced feature and effect lighting are other ways you can boost your everyday customer experience, or ramp it up a notch for opening nights, a national roll out, invite-only launches, or exclusive brand events. Hutchison-t are always looking for innovative ways to help you deliver on your own customer brand promises, and our spectacular audio visual solutions give you a versatile and meaningful way to keep your experiences bang on trend.

Freedom Leisure, Hailsham

Freedom Leisure’s £3 million redevelopment is intended to provide quality facilities whilst remaining affordable to all users.

Freedom Leisure, Hailsham

Freedom Leisure’s £3 million redevelopment is intended to provide quality facilities whilst remaining affordable to all users.

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