Feature & FX Lighting

Illuminate. Immerse. Inspire.

Until recently, intelligent feature and effect lighting was the greatest untapped resource in deep consumer engagement. Gone are the days when disco lights or dimming were enough to do the job – today’s intelligent feature lighting is up on impact, down with technology, and designed with multi-sensory experience in mind. If your business is a destination or venue where customers come to you, a bespoke lighting installation will help define and enhance your client experience and set your brand apart.

The spectrum of possibility

The next generation of feature and effect lighting goes way beyond pure aesthetics. Lighting is now a pivotal industry tool in sectors providing immersive experiences to clients looking for unique, inspiring trips.

Connect with your customers on more than one sensory level and you’re heading in the right direction. Think feature and effect lighting that uses a combination of colour, colour intensity, rhythm and variable speed. Integrate this with a direct link to a carefully curated soundtrack or video content and the BPM race is on.

For the fitness industry, this means happier, harder working, or more relaxed GroupX and Virtual classes, with light effects that mimic audio BPM urging fitness fans to keep up; virtual spinners pushed to the limit by chase sequence lighting producing the illusion of motion and speed; and starry-night ceiling-effect fibre optics creating chill-out ambience in yoga studios and spas. And for retail, hotel foyers or venue entranceways, a spectacular custom light installation will reinforce everyday branding, and can be reconfigured depending on time of day, season, or for on-point special events.

Innovative Illumination

Quantum leaps in technology mean feature lighting is more versatile and accessible than ever, but a good light display doesn’t equal a great immersive experience unless it’s relevant to your space and brand. Hutchison-t work with you to realise your wildest experience concepts and ambitions with respect to the physical needs of your space. Using our innovative design skills and technical expertise, we can provide:

  • A huge range of light fixtures including digital, RGB, and RGBW LEDs
  • LED strips, spots, battens, tubes, par-cans, blocks, and more
  • Illuminated walkways and bespoke wall, window and staircase features
  • Indoor and outdoor perimeter lighting
  • Nightclub experience lighting and pyrotechnic effects
  • Custom retro-fit lighting panels and strip LEDs affixed into acoustic baffles for ease of install and minimum disruption to your operations
  • Instructor/speaker stage features and raked seating illumination effects

Custom Control

We can design a lighting solution as part of an audio visual package or integrate it with your existing suite. With a direct link established between lighting and audio visual, light displays will always match the beat of your music or mirror visual and video themes.

The great benefit of our feature and effect lighting is that we give you complete control. Our proprietary iPad control solution and intuitive graphic user interface give you unprecedented ease of access and professional and artistic control over your own immersive light experiences.

Seen the light?

At Hutchison-t, we don’t build feature lighting systems - we conceptualise and engineer bespoke lighting experiences that illuminate, immerse and inspire. Get in touch to see how the right lighting solution can help you create professional, immersive, and brand-specific experiences that are light years ahead of the rest.

Gold-standard AV for Olympic Velodrome's VeloStudio

The VeloStudio is a gold-standard, dual-purpose fitness space furnished with the Wattbike and MyRide® cycling applications.

Gold-standard AV for Olympic Velodrome's VeloStudio

The VeloStudio is a gold-standard, dual-purpose fitness space furnished with the Wattbike and MyRide® cycling applications.

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