Immersive Projection

Immersion through Technology

Immersive fitness is about getting so deep in “the zone” that your perceived rate of exertion goes down as your actual exertion and enjoyment go up. It commandeers the senses and floods your sensory horizons, but it has to feel authentic to have the right effect. Designed to suit the lifestyles of a sizable (and growing) demographic of routine-phobe Millennials and put-upon professionals looking for low-maintenance, high pay-off, fun, diverse experiences, immersive fans want to show up with a water bottle and let technology do the rest.

In a nutshell, that’s what the best immersive fitness is: it’s a tech-driven, powerful, multisensory trip that “does” the experience and motivation for you, so if class-goers have to concentrate on keeping themselves in the zone, your tech is letting you down

Ahead of the Curve

In 2015, Hutchison-t installed the UK’s first permanent immersive audio visual solution for Les Mills IMMERSIVE FITNESS™. With a curved theatre-spec screen, extreme motion graphics, and state-of-the-art dual projector technology, the concept and execution were so far ahead of their time they’ve defined immersive fitness since.

In the three years that have followed, Hutchison-t have completed panorama projection displays with full projection mapping for two, three, and five projector installations throughout the UK and Europe, culminating in a nine projector, three wall, 270° surround scenescape installation that’s the first of its kind in the UK, a technical triumph, and the very latest incarnation of immersive studio-based fitness.

Just think about that for a moment. An installation so technically sophisticated that we segmented a single video display between nine projections over three walls, accounting for differential perspective and corner distortion, to produce a flawlessly edge-blended, painstakingly aligned, “single” video projection that wraps around the inside of the studio and envelops the people within.

Perpetual Progress

With that sort of progress in under three years it’s critical that operators developing immersive customer experiences access the right technical knowledge and cutting-edge technology to ensure it is current and effective. Cinema-quality graphics delivered on wrap-around projections, video walls, or floor-to-ceiling curved screens will ensure the sheer scale and peripheral visual engagement needed for true immersion, while the most advanced edge-blending and colour-matching technology deliver the clarity and precision needed for a vivid sensory trip.

Push the limits

If you want to push your immersive experiences to the absolute limit, give our proprietary automation and control tech a spin. Control-AV lets instructors manage the studio AV in real time using a simple iPad interface, and Auto-AV uses the same advanced tech to preprogramme pro-spec audio visual performances in advance. It’s this sort of discreet functionality that will give your experiences finesse, and that’s why Hutchison-t are leading the charge in the UK’s immersive projection revolution.

ABode Hotel, Manchester

The Michael Caines Restaurant and Champagne Bar at ABode Manchester was Tourism Restaurant of the Year at the Manchester Tourism Awards 2011.

ABode Hotel, Manchester

The Michael Caines Restaurant and Champagne Bar at ABode Manchester was Tourism Restaurant of the Year at the Manchester Tourism Awards 2011.

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