Efficient end-to-end IP networks

Bringing together the latest internet protocol technology with the best the media world has to offer, IPTV is the multipurpose multimedia conduit of the future. Manufacturers are also beginning to integrate IP connectivity into their products as standard, so if you want to get ahead of the game while boosting your customer experience, IPTV capability is a great place to start, whether your facility is aimed at health & fitness, hospitality, retail, leisure or corporate operations.

Content and choice

IP gives venue operators the ability to host and deliver unlimited multimedia content via a single local area network connection (LAN). Options include terrestrial and satellite TV, streamed services, radio, video, digital signage and web content. Using your existing IP connection, media can be delivered and accessed anywhere in your facility, including through customers’ own mobile devices providing they have a WiFi connection.

Functional and fun

IP streaming gives customers On Demand-esque accessibility and a level of choice that elevates and supplements the fun and entertaining side of your customer experience, but it’s also useful for streamlining customer transactions and interactions in more overtly functional commercial applications. Examples include booking classes or spa slots in leisure facilities and gyms, or allowing hotel guests to manage their own reservations, perhaps by adding breakfast to their booking or extending their stay without the need for a trip to reception.

Operational and economic

IP is as cost-effective as it is efficient. Since multimedia and interactive content can sit alongside voice and data traffic on your existing single local area network (LAN), the need for cumbersome data cabling and electrical installation and maintenance is removed. Once we’ve rolled out your IPTV capability, you’ll be able to roll out whatever content you want with no disruption to your operations whatsoever. As an added bonus, all those unsightly set-top boxes can be banished altogether, or relegated to a back room.

Approved IPTV partners

Hutchison-t are approved pro partners of Extreme Networks and Exterity, two leading providers of IP enterprise technology, including all the IPTV software, hardware and infrastructure needed to get our clients connected. With our combined expertise in audio, visual, connectivity and IPTV tech, we’ll custom design and install the perfect IPTV solution for you.

West Wood lights the way with Immersive Fitness

West Wood rolls out Les Mills The Trip™ across its Dublin estate.

West Wood lights the way with Immersive Fitness

West Wood rolls out Les Mills The Trip™ across its Dublin estate.

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