Large Screen Display

Finely tuned for greater impact

Well-positioned single display screens or carefully designed networks of screens are a fast-track and fail-safe way to visually engage with consumers. Screens don’t just make an interior look great – they give shape and depth to the customer experience by adding a layer of direct and branded engagement, whether this be for advertising, information, promotions or entertainment.

Dwell time

Customer “dwell time” refers to the amount of time that customers spend in your outlet or venue, and it’s an established industry truth that increased dwell time bears a strong relationship to customer-brand loyalty as well as higher sales. Immerse your customers in more compelling surroundings and they’ll be encouraged to hang about – whether your business is a retail outlet, fitness studio, hotel lounge, conferencing suite or eatery.

A sense of community

In leisure facilities, a large format HD display will foster a sense of community during major sporting events. Think of the power of World Cup rivalry, Tour de France tension, Formula One fever, or the Wimbledon effect – droves of devotees and non-fans alike converging on their favourite venues looking for a piece of the action. For venues with cafes, family areas, restaurants and bars, the boost to food and beverage revenue taken over the course of the sporting year can be considerable.

A sense of individuality

Personalise rather than socialise with a uniformed bank of displays. Multiple screens displaying different content cater to every individual in the crowd, and you can augment the visual experience with an audio dimension by providing wireless audio transmissions that customers choose and connect to themselves.

The fitness industry has been great at leveraging this functional and cost-effective solution across their cardio suites, giving members the chance to catch up with world news, sport, or even the latest soaps. More recently, the rise of “funpetitive” individual and group performance metric analysis in GroupX has been connecting fitness equipment to large format display screens in new and exciting ways. Wattbike®, MYZONE, Stage Flight, and The Sufferfest are just some of the popular group cycling performance monitoring applications that Hutchison-t can integrate with your screens.

Benefit from the best

Display applications are endless, and with our wealth of expertise in large screen installation, we’ll reach the right solution for you. Hutchison-t will identify what display technology best suits your needs; the screen size needed relative to the distance it's going to be viewed from; and where best to position it for maximum footfall payoff.

Over and above this core expertise, we’ll also be able to specify and deliver any and all added functionality, including: On Demand TV; free-to-air services; non-standard 3D, 4D, or full HD resolutions; complete connectivity; conference room applications; and any other integrating services you require. Throw in the provision of structural frames, gantries, and brackets, and you have an end-to-end large screen display solution provided solely by Hutchison-t: from hardware, software, and functionality, to aesthetics and installation too.

Freedom Leisure, Hailsham

Freedom Leisure’s £3 million redevelopment is intended to provide quality facilities whilst remaining affordable to all users.

Freedom Leisure, Hailsham

Freedom Leisure’s £3 million redevelopment is intended to provide quality facilities whilst remaining affordable to all users.

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