Virtual for Fitness

The Virtual Revelation

The great virtual experiment is over and the results are in: virtual fitness encourages higher attendance, attracts new members, and helps retain them once they’re there. As the UK’s undisputed heavyweight integrator of virtual fitness solutions, clients come to us for the audio visual delivery of their virtual fitness concept. This means we provide the technical know-how and operational means to make the virtual experience possible – a pumping sound system, the best visual set-up, phenomenal lights, and the right tools to get everything in sync and moving to the beat.

Virtual Verified

Yes, most people still prefer instructor-led classes; and yes, virtual fitness is broadly aimed at undersubscribed off-peak slots. Crazy investment, right? Wrong. Taken together, the benefits that accrue from offering virtual classes far outweigh the objections:

  • Extreme Scheduling: it’s a thing. Have classes running from dawn till dusk or give your members On Demand. Maximize studio usage and customer choice.
  • Enhance your offerings by running live classes at peak times and virtual versions at others.
  • Add real member value to the live class experience. With a virtual instructor keeping the class on track, the live instructor has leeway to help individuals optimize their technique.
  • Make friends with the Millennials. They’re the single largest demographic of gym users and know exactly what they want: content, choice, style, and a fast-tracked payoff on their workout/time investment.
  • Convert an Introvert, Retain a Recluse. Virtual classes appeal to members at the start of their fitness journey, and others who just aren’t ready to commit to going live (exactly the types who are liable to let their membership slip).

First among equals? Second to none

“In the beginning there was virtual fitness, and we saw that it was good.” But not all virtual fitness experiences are created equal, so what sets a great one apart? With hundreds of installations completed across Britain and mainland Europe, Hutchison-t know that the best virtual fitness experiences are driven by first-rate tech, expert implementation, and visionary creative design.

A sight to behold

Make a great first impression with the perfect screen solution for your amazing virtual content. For a visual tour de force worthy of a virtual Tour de France, use large format screens and HD projectors for intense motion graphics and sheer scalability. If your studio is smaller with ambient light, mesmerise your members with large LED display screens that give crisp, authentic colours, and a focussed visual target. For serious flexibility, large screen video walls are a high-impact option that can work in any space.

Listen up

The aim of virtual fitness is to give class-goers the same experience they would with a live instructor. Get their heartrates going with some thumping beats from a bespoke, quality sound system, and they’ll soon forget there’s not an instructor there to check they’re keeping up.

Elite enlightenment

Dramatic, theatric, luminescent or fierce. Our flexible lighting solutions can transform the same studio for mountaintop yoga before breakfast, cardio HIIT at lunch, and championship combat at night. In the cycle studio, you'll be up and out of your saddle as horizontal strip light effects make you feel like you’re hurtling forward. Illuminate to motivate and your members will keep coming back.

Automated solutions, complete control

If you’re going for virtual, go all the way with automated AV so that classes run on their own. Our pioneering automation technology means your whole audio visual system can set itself up for a class. That’s right – not one scrap of human intervention is needed for projectors, screens, lights, speakers, music and video content to activate their pre-programmed sequences at prescheduled times.

It’s this sort of operational simplicity that make Hutchison-t the best at what we do. With years of experience designing and installing virtual solutions for our clients, we’ve come to a deep understanding of their day-to-day operational needs and how these impact the virtual experience. Our relentlessly high standards and commitment to innovation mean seamless, sophisticated delivery of your stunning virtual content that will blow your members away. FitboxVirtual®, ICG® Connect & Myride® VX, Stages FlightFitness on Demand™ and Wexer Virtual® are just some of the applications we've already integrated for our clients.

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